Revelation Commentary

For several years I have promised (threatened) to write a commentary on this important and often neglected book of our New Testament. In the fall of 2001, when I was asked to teach Revelation to an adult class, I began writing. Here is the result of that labor.

This material was printed in book form for the class. I only printed 100 copies for use locally. I am posting this work on the web for all who might be interested. This work is posted in several formats - 1) Complete work in a Word file - 2) Complete work in a PDF file - 3) Each individual chapter in Word - 4) All material combined in a zip file.

Download the entire commentary with links from the Table of Contents - - - These files were created with the help of a friend of mine, John Gaines.

    In a Word file

    In a PDF file

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Front Cover Preface Table of Contents Introduction
Revelation 1 Revelation 2 Revelation 3 Revelation 4
Revelation 5 Revelation 6 Revelation 7 Revelation 8
Revelation 9 Revelation 10 Revelation 11 Revelation 12
Revelation 13 Revelation 14 Revelation 15 Revelation 16
Revelation 17 Revelation 18 Revelation 19 Revelation 20
Revelation 21 Revelation 22 Conclusion Bibliography