Positive Christian Living

NOTE: The following sermons are a series I preached. All the lessons focus on the positive part of living as a Christian.

  1. Positive Christian Living Is - What are the essentials for living a positive life?
  2. Why is it Positive? - Why should we be positive, rather than negative?
  3. Being the Best - We should seek to do and be our best.
  4. How to do your Best - Requirement for living your best life.
  5. Balance Life's Wheel - Positive living demands balance is all parts of our life.
  6. Power for Mastering Life - Here are some suggestions for mastering the Christian life.
  7. A Safe Guidance System - The Bible is our GPS to keep us on the right course.
  8. Keep in Memory - Memorizing Scripture will help keep your life on track.
  9. Winning Over Worry - Why should we worry, when we can pray?
  10. Happiness is Still Possible - God gives us the ability to pursue happiness.