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TITLE: True Love
1 Corinthians 13:1-8
God demands that we show true love to one another.

  1. INTRODUCTION: There is much confusion about love today.

  2. We love people, pets, cars, houses, flowers, dresses.


  1. Distinguishes between a person and a body.

  1. Many are in love with a body – If the body changes shape, weight – we are not in love.

  2. When you see her in curlers with the flu, post-nasal drip and still love her.

  1. Always generates respect.

  1. Some make snide remarks – “old lady”, “My old man” “Dumpy little darling”

  2. Teasing – Joking – OK. When it goes too far it shows a lack of respect.

  1. Is self-giving.

  1. Asks – What is best for them?

  2. Write down three things you can give to your partner.

  1. Can thrive without physical expression.

  1. Some think that marriage is an extended date.

  2. Hold hands, kiss, hugs, squeezing, clinching.

  3. Love is also – sitting up with sick child, visiting nursing home every day.

  4. Love is – being faithful when husband is in military, away on business.

  1. Seeks to build a relationship.

  1. Each person is a circle – a complete whole.

  2. Some areas of mutual interest we share – overlap with other circles.

  3. Most of the circle does not overlap.

  4. Love SEEKS to overlap the circles – Husband attend opera, wife watches sports.

  1. Embraces responsibility.

  1. Marriage is for adults – not children.

  2. I am not discussing physical age.

  3. I am discussing maturity – willing to accept the responsibility.

  1. Can postpone gratification.

  1. Love is patient. Love can wait.

  2. Instant gratification is not love.

  1. Is basically a commitment.

  1. It is not a feeling, an emotion.

  2. It is a decision to seek what is best for another – above all else.

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