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TITLE: Why People Give Up

TEXT: Hebrews (entire book)

PROPOSITION: We need to understand why people give up on religion.


KEY WORD: Reasons

READING: Hebrews 2:1-3



1. Statistics show that 50% of those baptized - quit church within 5 years.

2. Studies indicate we are losing about half our children - raised in church.

3. Book of Hebrews addressed this same issue in the early church.


Deadly drift 2:1

  1. Slowly, over time, so gradual it is not noticed

  2. When you realize it - you are already gone

Unbelief 3:12, 14

  1. Things happen in life - begin to doubt, question

  2. This doubt leads to a) stronger faith; OR b) unbelief

Boredom 6:1

  1. Much sin is the result of boredom.

  2. There is much to do - fields white unto harvest

  3. Grade Bible Courses, hand out tracts, invite others to worship

  4. Set up a Bible study, teach a class – Sunday, Wednesday, VBS

  5. Participate in visitation, plan activities for children, decorate bulletin boards

Laziness 6:11-12

  1. Slothful = lazy “be not slothful”

  2. Lazy causes others to carry more of the load

  3. Look at busy people and offer to help

Isolation 12:1-3

  1. Many around to encourage us.

  2. Elijah thought he was all alone - 5,000 prophets

Self-pity 12:4

  1. What have you suffered for Christ?

  2. Song - “Ready to Suffer”

  3. Persecution complex - some desire persecution

Misunderstanding God 12:5, 7

  1. We blame God - “Why is God doing (allowing) this?”

  2. It may be - We need straightening out!

  3. God punishes those He loves.

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