Sermon Outlines



On the 10 Commandments


Last Updated: September, 2007

  God Has Rules - 5 sermons to introduce the 10 Commandments

This series is in three parts:

10 Stupid things We Do - 10 sermons on each of the 10 Commandments


Follow the Rules - 2 sermons urging obedience to the 10 Commandments

This series on the 10 Commandments began in October, 2007.

I acknowledge with grateful appreciation the work of several from whom I have learned, borrowed and adapted.

  1. Michael Andrus, Jeff Shultz, and Gene Moniz - in Manchester, MO - from whom I got the series title and many good ideas.

  2. The book of sermons by John Stacy - focused and to the point lessons and outlines.

  3. The files sent to me by Frazier Turner - deep material that sent me deeper into the Word.

  4. Several others from whom much was learned.

You can view or download either or both the outline and the presentation files by clicking on the link in the table below.



Misconceptions about the 10 Commandments Before we can understand the 10 Commandments, we must clear away the many false teachings and misunderstandings about these laws of God.
Truths about the 10 Commandments Understanding the 10 Commandments requires us to know the truth about these laws.
Our God is Awesome We must understand the Transcendence and Immanence of God. His power is awesome. His Immanence is seen as He loves, shepherds, and cares for us.
God's Top 10 God gave the rules. He summarized them in the 10 Commandments. Our challenge is to obey the commands of God.
Living by the Rules Why is crime rising? Why don't we live by the rules of morality set out in the 10 Commandments? How can we get people to live by the rules of God?


Worship the Wrong God The 1st command forbids worshipping the wrong (false) gods. This command requires our undivided loyalty.
Worship the Right God in the Wrong Way The 2nd command requires us to worship Jehovah in the right way. This command requires a correct view of God.
Treat God's Name Carelessly Profanity is everywhere - TV, movies, songs, and at work. How do people use God's name in vain? What is forbidden by this command?
Don't Rest & Refresh The only command not repeated in the New Testament commands Sabbath worship. While this command does not apply to NT Christians, the principles involved are still important.
Fail to Honor our Parents Honoring parents is more than children obeying them. Adult children still must honor their parents. Why is so little respect given to the elderly?
Reject the Sanctity of Life What does "Do not kill" forbid, allow, approve or condemn? Does this command forbid war, hunting, or self-defense? Does this command allow abortion?
Engage in Immorality Why do almost half of all marriages end in divorce? Why are many looking for love in all the wrong places?
Fail to Respect Property Stealing is not just bank robbery. Many steal time, energy, talents, ideas, reputations. We often take what does not belong to us.
Don't Tell the Truth Is it ever OK to lie? Are there situations where a lie is good? Is there a difference in a small lie and a large one? Are there "innocent" lies?
We Want More! What are we never satisfied with what we have, where we are, what we are doing? Why have "things" become so important to us?


11th Commandment Jesus summarized all the law, all the precepts, all the commandments into two - Love God; Love your neighbor as yourself.
Who Killed Christ? There is controversy over the movie "The Passion of the Christ". Who is responsible for killing our Lord? Are the Jews to blame? Is it the Romans?