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TITLE: Alabaster Box
TEXT: Mark 14:1-9
PROPOSITION: Jesus encourages us to break boxes.
KEY WORD: Responses

  1. Background of story - 2 days before Jesus' death - people seeking to kill him - in the house of Simon the leper - woman breaks an alabaster box of ointment on Jesus head.
  2. Critics - What a waste - could have been sold for 300 pence (one year salary)
  3. Jesus - Good work - poor are always with you, not me - Done what she could - it will be preached where gospel goes

Jesus response

Leave her alone - 6
  1. “Did Christ pour out his soul unto death for us, and shall we think any thing too precious for him? Do we give him the precious ointment of our best affections?” Matthew Henry Commentary
  2. “Murmured” (vs. 5) = word that describes the “snorting of horses”

She has done a good work toward me - 6
  1. We have opportunity for many “good works”
  2. We must seek works that are good toward Jesus
  3. Distinguish good works from Christian works
  4. THEN Distinguish Christian works from works toward Christ

Poor always with you, not Jesus - 7
  1. Deuteronomy 15:11 - The poor shall never cease out of the land
  2. She was preparing my body for burying
  3. She was ahead of the apostles in understanding

Done what she could - 8
  1. What could make a better summary of life?
  2. God does not ask it you did GREAT things.
  3. “Have you done what you could?”

Spoken for a memorial of her - 9
  1. It was recorded in the gospels - Matthew 26, Mark 13, Luke 7 (similar event in John 12)
  2. Soon (in writing the gospels and in sermons preached) the whole world will know
  3. Gospel is more than D B R - It is also an alabaster box of ointment

In order to do a good work, do what you can - you have to break some boxes

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