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TITLE: Audio, Visual or Kinetic
TEXT: Mark 4:21-25
PROPOSITION: We have three primary ways to learn and receive information.
KEY WORD: Methods
  1. Have you noticed - people learn in different ways
  2. To communicate the gospel - we must teach in three ways.

People are:
  1. Audio (hearing) - hear a lecture & understand
  2. Visual (seeing) - see a demonstration & understand
  3. Kinetic (touching)- hands on, actual doing it & understand
  4. Illustration of repairing my car - read manual, see photos, under the hood

How to tell which you are:
  1. Terms - “I see” - “I hear you” - “I get it”
  2. Questions - Do you hear? Do you see what I am saying? Got a handle on it?
  3. We are a mixture - but usually one will be dominant

In my sermons:
  1. Talk - lecture, explain
  2. Body language, motion, walk, wave arms, facial expressions
  3. Action - turn to passage, look up, nod your head
In our text:
  1. Audio - (23-24a) - How you hear [Luke 8:18 - What you hear]
  2. Visual - (21-22) - Candle under a basket
  3. Kinetic - (24b-25) - physical, material (he that has, has not, taken from him)

In Jesus ministry:
  1. Audio - preaching, teaching, sermons
  2. Visual - parables - painted pictures of sound and motion
  3. Kinetic - miracles touched lives, touched, sat child on lap, baptized

In our homes (training our children):
  1. Tell, talk, lecture
  2. Show, set example, let them see
  3. Do - guide them step by step

In Evangelism:
  1. Audio - Talk, study, tape of a sermon
  2. Visual - Show them your life, example
  3. Kinetic - Take them

  1. Audio - We must TELL people about Jesus
  2. Visual - We must let them SEE Jesus in us
  3. Kinetic - We must allow them to EXPIERENCE Jesus in their life

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