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TITLE: A Convenient Betrayal
TEXT: Mark 14:10-11
PROPOSITION: Betrayal is a serious and harmful sin.
KEY WORD: Circumstances
  1. Judas and betray are forever connected.
  2. Don't name your son “Judas” or your daughter “Jezebel”
  3. Why was this a horrible act?

  1. “Convenient” = in the right time, situation
  2. Same word in 2 Timothy 4:2 - Preach word “in season” (when convenient”)
  3. Judas wanted to avoid a riot - find a time away from crowds (Luke 22:6)

  1. Word means - To turn over, to hand over
  2. In good sense of deliver to another for safety or safe-keeping
  3. To turn in a criminal, deliver to prison
  4. To deliver over treacherously

Aggravating Circumstances
  1. Insider trading
    1. He took advantage of his intimate relation with Jesus
    2. Enron, Martha Stewart - insider information
    3. Helps you but hurts others
  2. Destroys relationships
    1. Puts your “friend” in the hands of an enemy
    2. This is the “treacherous” part of betrayal
    3. Destroys trust and friendship
  3. Sneaky - It is done stealthily by night
    1. John 3:19 - Men love darkness, because deeds are evil
    2. Many think the darkness covers their crime
  4. Kiss
    1. With a kiss, an act which professed affection, a friend
    2. Pat on back = just getting ready to stab you
  5. Greed
    1. 30 silver coins
    2. What is your price?
    3. Reality shows = what would you do for a million dollars?
  6. Aware
    1. He knew Jesus was innocent of any crime
    2. This is not an accident, mistake, slip-up

  1. Have you ever been betrayed?
  2. Is your life betraying your Lord?

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