The Bible is From God

This is a four-part series looking at a variety of ways to prove the Bible could not be the work of man. It must have God as it source
and origin. I have included both the outline and the Power Point files for these lessons. The Power Point files have lots of photos to
illustrate the points.
Outline Power Point Description
Prophecy and Fulfillment Prophecy The Bible gives details of events, names, places hundreds of years before the event. How could anyone know that a boy named Josiah would be king - 350 years before he was born?
Internal Evidence Internal There is a large amount of internal evidence that must be considered. The Bible stands as a witness for itself.
Archeology Archeology In the last 200 years many critics have been silenced by finding what was thought to be a place or name in error. As we continue to discover more artifacts, locations, and documents, we learn more ways the Bible was correct all the time.
Science Science There are many statements in the Bible about nature, medicine, astronomy, and other fields of science. These statements were made thousands of years before the facts were "discovered" by some scientist.