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TITLE: Consult the Architect

TEXT: Genesis 2:21-25

PROPOSITION: The designer of the home demand that we build according to the blueprints.


KEY WORD: Demands



  1. This lesson begins a series “Building the Home”
  2. The home and family are in serious trouble.
  3. Marriages are falling apart. Divorce rate 1 out of 3.
  4. Story of little girl – living in hotel – waiting for house to be built.
    Adult said to her, “I’m sorry you don’t have a home.”
    Girl said, “We have a home. Just no house to put it in.”
  5. What if you came home and found nothing but ashes, house burned to ground?
    You can’t burn memories, attitudes, and character.
    All you would lose are – THINGS!
  6. Three demands of the Architect.


Severance “leave father and mother”

  1. Cut the cord with parents.
    Parents – cut the apron strings
    Children – No longer dependant
  2. At wedding – father “gives away” the bride.
  3. Song Billy Boy –  (see attached)
    She is 85 and gat let go of parents.
  4. Don’t call Mama and Papa – call your wife.
    In argument – “Do what I want or I will go home to mama.”


Permanence “cleave to his wife”

  1. You must depart to attach; sever to bond; loosen to secure
  2. Cleave = glue, mucilage – This is Super Glue.
  3. W. Churchill – “Wars are not won by evacuation.”


Unity “become one”

  1. Not instant
    Work at it, develop, learn to become one
    You must blend – temperaments, gifts, habits, backgrounds
  2. Unity <> Uniformity
    Uniformity = donut machine; car assembly line
    Unity = 2 people blend into each others lives


The Floor Plan – Proverbs 24:3-4

  1. Built with Wisdom
    Built = to make repair, restore, rebuild
    Wisdom = seeing with discernment
  2. Established with Understanding
    Established = to erect, upright position
    Understanding = responding with insight
  3. Filled with Knowledge
    Filled = overflowing
    Knowledge = learning with perception


Conclusion: Charlie Shedd quote (see attached)

Billy Boy


How old is she, Billy Boy, Billy Boy

How is she, charming Billy?

Three times six and four times seven

Twenty-eight and eleven

She’s a young thing and cannot leave her mother.


NOTE: Add the numbers and you get 85.



Charlie Shedd


“Marriage … is not so much finding the right person
as it is being the right person.”

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