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Title: Bricks to Build a Marriage (Wives)

Text: I Peter 3:1-6

PROPOSITION: Both husbands and wives must bring some bricks to the marriage to make it strong and lasting.

Question: What?

Key Word: Essentials (Bricks)



1.        On Father’s Day – Bricks for Husbands

2.        I Peter 3:1-6

3.        A girl hears "Snow White" - "You know what happened then?" Mother –  "They lived happily ever after."  Girl – "No they got married."

4.        This passage is addressed those who married the "wrong kind of husband".


I. Behavior - 2

"Conversation" = manner of living “chaste conduct” NKJV

Life-style, Character, manner of living

"Behold" = look closely, watch with interest

During a football game = instant replay

Watch closely, pay attention to details


II. Appearance - 3

                1. It is not wrong to look nice -

                2. BUT - Keep it in balance

                                A. Spend time and money on the outside

                                B. What about the inside?

                3. Some look like an unmade bed

                4. Smell like they were dipped in Lysol

                5. Wrong to wear make-up?  "No, any barn looks better with a coat of paint." Marvin Phillips


III. Attitude -4

1.        Hidden person of the heart

Not corrupt



2.        Here is the great value

Proverbs 31:25 "strength and dignity are her clothing"

This is what men are looking for.


IV. Response - 5

                1. "Obeyed"

                                1. Pay close attention to, listen, heed, to be attentive

                                2. "Disobey" = not pay attention

                                3. Wives - Pay attention to husbands needs

                                                A. Male ego - VERY Fragile

                                                B. "Do Not Destroy or Damage"

4. Can you imagine Sarah leaving this note?

2. Do not be afraid - this will work. - 6



Note from Sarah, (p. 49, Strike Original Match, Swindoll)



Mutton pie in the stove oven. Gone to Torah study with the ladies at Bethel.

Took the small chariot. Be home late. Don’t worry.

Be sure to give Ishmael herbs for cough at sundown.

And bathe Isaac.



Ps Don’t forget to close all the flaps when you go to bed.

Sandstorm is coming.

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