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TITLE: Bricks for Husbands

TEXT: I Peter 3:7-9

PROPOSITION: Both husbands and wives must bring some bricks to the marriage to make it strong and lasting.


KEY WORD: Essentials (bricks)




1.        Bricks for wives last month. Today is Father’s Day – Bricks for husbands.

2.        Many think that it is all the other's fault.

3.        Boy: (in anger) “If you were my wife, I would poison your tea.”
Girl: If I were your wife, I’d drink it.

4.        "If only I had married the right woman."
This is for those who married the "wrong" one.

5.        Man on plane, ring on index finger ... ring on wrong finger ... "Married wrong woman."


I. Live With Your Wife

A.      Live = "Dwell down"

1.        Men tend to become passive in the home.

2.        I earn - she spends.

a.        Checks and Balances
She writes checks and I come up with the balance.

b.       I bring home the bacon and she cooks it.

B.       Manage

1.        I Timothy 3:4-5  "manages own household"

2.        Manage = preside, lead, direct, guide


II. Know Your Wife

A.      “According to Knowledge” “understanding” NKJV

1.        Fears, cares, disappointments, dreams, secrets

2.        Favorite - color, candy, flower, dress, perfume

B.       Listen - communicate and care


III. Honor Your Wife

1.        Grant = assign her a place of honor

1.        Ahead of the children

2.        Let others know

C.       Does she know it?

1.        Don't assume - tell her.

2.        Small expressions.


IV. Finally (the top row of bricks) verse 8-9 (Both of you)

A.      Single-minded

B.       Have compassion

C.       Love as brothers and sisters

D.      Be pitiful (full of pity)

E.       Be courteous

F.       Not return evil for evil; railing for railing

G.       Return blessing for evil

H.      This is YOUR calling!

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