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TITLE: Imitation Bricks (Wives)

TEXT: 1 Peter 3:1-6

PROPOSITION: God does not want wives to replace His will with poor substitutes.


KEY WORD: Substitutes



  1. Ad on TV for “Faux Pearls” = French for “false, fake, imitation”
  2. Worker was asked by the boss to build a nice, large house for him.
    1. Worker chose to use cheap materials.
    2. Cut corners, pocketed the cost.
    3. When finished, the boss gave the worker the keys.
    4. As a retirement present – he gave him the house.
  3. In building a home, do not use cheap, look alike, imitation bricks.


Secret Manipulation

  1. God says, “Let me handle your husband.”
  2. He can ignore your, tears, nagging, begging.
  3. He cannot ignore your “quiet, calm spirit.”
  4. Moody – Pout – Scheme – Lying – Sneaking – Tears – Nagging - Pressure
    1. Rebekah helped Jacob deceive Isaac.
    2. Wonder about their marriage?
    3. Agree on discipline – stick to it.
  6. You cannot manipulate any permanent change.
  7. Many women think – “I’ll altar him, then I’ll alter him.” WYSIWYG


External Appeal for Internal Beauty

  1. Physical is important – BUT not the primary focus.
  2. Clothes, Perfume, Jewlery, Hair, Wrinkle Cream
  3. Real quality = Meek and quiet spirit


Learning for Doing

  1. Ladies class, Ladies Day, Seminar, Lectureships
  2. Not opposed to these – Are you attending to the neglect of family?
  3. Faulkner and Brecheen – Marriage Enrichment Seminars
  4. Ask yourself:
    1. Do I need more facts? Information? How to be a wife?
    2. Is this going to help my service in the church?
    3. Am I doing what I already know?


Others vs. Family

  1. Elderly, Hospital, Food to Sick, wash clothes
  2. Mother – bake a cake – either company coming or to take to others
  3. Noah saved his house – Hebrews 11:7
  4. Don’t neglect your family!

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