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TITLE:  Buried
TEXT:  Mark 15:42-47
PROPOSITION:  Burial seem so final, as if it is all over.
KEY WORD:  Questions


  1. Jesus died. That is a fact.
  2. Jesus was raised. That is a fact.
  3. We spend little time thinking about the burial.
  4. We will try to answer some questions about the burial of Jesus.


  1. Joseph of Arimathea – council member
  2. Nicodemus (of John 3) (John 19:39 – ruler of the Jews)
  3. With courage - boldness



  1. Waited for the kingdom – believed the teachings of Jesus
  2. NOW? Is the dream gone? Has hope vanished?
  3. Did Jesus fail them?


  1. Two sites for tourists:
    1. Church of the Holy Sepulcher (sacred to Catholics)
    2. Garden tomb
  2. Here are the statements to identify the location
    1. Near Golgotha (John 19:41)
    2. In a garden
    3. New tomb, no man laid
    4. Outside the city gate (Hebrews 13:11-13)


  1. After his death at 3 PM
  2. Before 6 PM on Friday evening
  3. Passover begins in a few minutes.
  4. The burial was a “rush” event.

 How important?

  1. Burial fulfills prophecy
  2. Proves his death
  3. Proves his resurrection
  4. Demonstrates his deity


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