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TITLE: Attitudes of Teacher and Student
TEXT: Mark 10:17-22
PROPOSITION: With the proper attitude of student and teacher, God's Word will be learned and obeyed.
KEY WORD: Attitudes
  1. Many are noticing a decline in knowledge of the Bible.
  2. How can one attend SS for 18 years and be so ignorant?
  3. Is it the teacher, the material, the student, or the attitudes?
  4. Look at Jesus and the Rich young ruler from a new perspective.

Student Attitudes

  1. I could preach a sermon here about being on time.
  2. Are you “anxious” to get to Bible Class?
  3. Do you “try” to be on time? Awake, ready to study?

  1. This man was coming in reverence.
  2. I am not suggesting that you kneel before your teacher.
  3. This is part custom of that part of the world and that time.
  4. However, we should show respect to the teacher.

  1. Did not ask for personal gain - rich, famous, powerful
  2. Did not ask for now - healing, material blessings
  3. But for eternal life - I am trying, what lack I yet, anything missing?

Teacher Attitudes

  1. Do not just look at the externals - hair a mess, shoes on wrong feet, etc.
  2. Do not just look at the behavior - talkative, quiet, won't sit down
  3. Learn to look - inside, look deeply at the spirit, heart, soul, mind

  1. The Greeks word is “agape”
  2. This word means - I will seek what is best for another
  3. This love has nothing to do with looks, emotions, feelings
  4. It is a calculated decision about how to treat another person

When the Bell Rings (class is over)
  1. At the end - he rejected the message he was seeking
  2. He was not prepared to make the sacrifice required
  3. Teachers can not force acceptance of the message
  4. We must teach, preach, and encourage obedience to the truth
  5. We are the watchmen of Ezekiel 3:17-21

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