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TITLE: Deep in his spirit
TEXT: Mark 8:9-12
PROPOSITION: We must learn to share our deep feelings with others.
KEY WORD: Feelings
  1. We are often very private, secretive, don't show emotions
  2. When you read about Christ, you see the inside (emotions, pain, sorrow)
  3. We put on a happy face, smile. No one knows what is inside.

Why don't we express our emotions openly?
      I don't want you to know. None of your business.
    1. I am not ready to discuss my deep felt emotions, pain, fear, guilt, etc.
    2. I am not sure that I trust you.
      1. Confidentiality - Can you keep it to yourself?
      2. You might tell the wrong people.
      3. 3 preachers in boat - confess personal weakness - women, alcohol, 3rd - “Gossip and I can't wait to get home.”
    3. You might think less of me if you knew.
    4. I might appear to be griping, complaining, all the time.

    Problems from not sharing our troubles:

    1. We have no support system to help us.
    2. We miss out on helpful information.
    3. No one will be praying for us.
    Was Jesus ever __?

    1. Mark 8:12 - When he saw the attitude of the Pharisees
    2. Mark 9:19 - How long must I bear with you?

    1. Luke 22:44 - in agony, sweat drops of blood
    2. John 12:27 - My soul is troubled

    1. Mark 3:5 - looked on them with anger - healed the withered hand
    2. Over threw the money changers in the temple

    1. Isaiah 53:3 - a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief
    2. Matthew 26:37-38 - Soul exceeding sorrowful
    3. Matthew 23:37 - O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
    4. Luke 19:41 - Beheld city, wept over it
    5. John 11:35 - Jesus wept

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