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TITLE: Dinner on the ground
TEXT: Mark 8:1-8
PROPOSITION: Jesus teaches us from this miracle.
KEY WORD: Lessons
  1. Some will remember “preaching all day and dinner on the ground”
  2. On at least two occasions Jesus fed many with little food
  3. There are 2 events - 5,000 and here 4,000 men
  4. Matthew and Mark record both. Luke and John tell of the 5,000.
  5. At 5,000 - 5 loaves and 2 fish: at 4,000 7 loaves and few fish.
  6. At 5,000 - 12 baskets taken up: at 4,000 7 large baskets left over.

Many are hungry
  1. Physical - poverty, alcohol, drugs, economy, etc.
  2. Spiritual - many dying and don't know it.
  3. Malnutrition - bloated stomach deceives some to think they are fat
  4. People died of starvation - ate berries - no nutritional value

Location, Location, Location
  1. Starting a new business - 3 rules to remember
  2. Not only are there too many people to feed - in WILDERNESS
  3. Excuses for churches not growing - building in wrong place, hard area

Daily Bread
  1. Matthew 6:11 - Give us this day our daily bread
  2. Manna - one day supply, don't hoard - it will spoil
  3. We want the whole load now. Store it up.
  4. We want meat, 3 vegetables, desert, too.
  5. LEARN: We are dependant on God for everything.

Jesus is our Bread
  1. John 6:48-58 - I am the bread of life
  2. Not about communion - about digesting Jesus

All were filled
  1. They were all satisfied - not stuffed
  2. John 6:35 - never hunger, never thirst
  3. Many sermons, classes - are not filling

Waste not, want not
  1. Both at 5,000 and 4,000 - took up the remains
  2. Remains were more than they started with.
  3. Here started with 7 loves of bread - took up 7 large baskets
  4. What did he do with this “left over” food?
    1. Distributed it among the people to take home.
    2. Saved for apostles and self for next day.
    3. Fed some to animals and birds.

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