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TITLE: Well Intentioned Dragons
TEXT: Mark 7:1-4
PROPOSITION: In every group there are some dragons.
KEY WORD: Descriptions

  1. Every church has them (Dragons)
  2. Read quote from page 11.
  3. How can you recognize a dragon?

Hunting Dog
  1. 4-legged kind point where the hunter should shoot
  2. 2-legged kind become the ears, eyes, nose of the leadership
  3. Point out problems that need to be dealt with
  4. You need to check on Mrs. X, marital problems
  5. Why doesn't someone do something about _ _?
Wet Blanket
  1. A negative disposition that becomes contagious
  2. It is no use even trying. Won't work
  3. We tried that once
Captain Bluster
  1. In attitude, if not in word, they are right and all others are wrong
  2. A steamroller who flattens anyone in their way
  3. Negotiation is a dirty word; compromise is unspeakable
Fickle Financier
  1. Uses money to register approval or disapproval
  2. Think money means clout - voting power
Busybody - tells others how to do their job
Sniper - avoids face-to-face; shoots behind people's back
Bookkeeper - keeps a written record of everything
Merchant of Muck - willing to listen to everyone's gripes
Legalist - kind of car to drive, what songs to sing, etc. at infinitum

  1. Don't become bitter - Hebrews 12:15 “see that no bitter root grows up”
  2. Encourage a positive attitude - Look for the good, spit our the bones
  3. Reinforce productive members - bulletin, rainbows, plaque, honor them
  4. Share outside interests - find a common ground
  5. Cultivate personal trust - Dig beneath the surface

“Within the church, they are often sincere, well-meaning saints, but they leave ulcers, strained relationships, and hard feelings in their wake. They don't consider themselves difficult people. They don't sit up nights thinking of ways to be nasty. Often they are pillars of the community - talented, strong personalities, deservingly respected - but for some reason, they undermine the ministry of the church. They are not naturally rebellious or pathological; they are loyal church members, convinced they're serving God, but they wind up doing more harm than good.”
Well Intentioned Dragons, Marshall Shelley, page 11

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