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TITLE: Why Fast
TEXT: Mark 2:18-20
PROPOSITION: There are right and wrong reasons to fast.
KEY WORD: Reasons
  1. Difference noted - John fasts, you don't. How come?
  2. Some fasts were required in Law of Moses.
  3. Most fasts of Jesus time (every 2nd and 5th day of week) imposed fasts
  4. The topic of discussion with Jesus centers on the purpose of fasting.

Valid Reasons people fasted
  1. To get well - proper diet will help with stomach problems
  2. When in distress, grief, loss - 1 Samuel 1:7 (Hannah)
  3. Danger - Esther 4:16 - Esther going before the king

Wrong Reasons people fasted
  1. Anger - 1 Samuel 20:34 - Jonathan was angry
  2. Sulking, pouting - 1 Kings 21:4 - Ahab could not but Naboth's vineyard
  3. To be seen of men - Matthew 6:16 - Show everybody your dedication, humility

God's Reasons for people to fast
  1. Humility - Psalm 35:13 - Humbled my soul with fastings
  2. Prayer - often connected with fasting
  3. Spiritual renewal - Isaiah 58:1-8 - Study this text closely

  1. Fasting - purpose - withdraw, introspection, soul searching, seeking
  2. Fasting is for times of separation, loss, grief - not for a party.

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