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SERIES: Moving Forward (4 of 5)

TITLE: Opportunities to Take
Mark 1:16-18


  1. The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

  2. Opportunities Missed

There was a very cautious man,
Who never laughed or played.
He never risked, he never tried,
He never sang or prayed.
And when he one day passed away
His insurance was denied.
For since he never really lived,
They claimed he never died.

  1. What are the opportunities before us?

Key to Success

  1. Mark 1:16-18 – become fishers of men

  2. Mark 6:2-3 – carpenter's son teaching and doing great things

  3. Mark 10:46-48 – blind man saw the opportunity to see

  4. John 4:35 – see the fields, ready for harvest

Principles Involved

  1. Ability to see the possibilities

  2. Ability to eliminate the negative thinking and attitudes

  3. Ability to risk failure

  4. Ability to make the effort with zeal and determination

  5. Ability to sacrifice for something better

See the Opportunities

  1. "An article in the Harvard Business Review called 'Market Myopia' talked about how some people didn't understand what business they were in. “For example, the railroad people didn't realize they were in the transportation business; they thought they were in the railroad business. Had they realized they were in the transportation business they would have invested in the airplane. The telegraph people thought they were in the telegraph business instead of the communications business. In 1886 or so, they could have bought all the telephone patents for $40,000. So obviously these people didn't know what business they were in." "I used to think these guys were really dumb because they didn't know what business they were in. Then I asked myself, 'What business am I in?'”

  2. What about the church? What is our business?

  3. We need to focus on what God intended for the church

  4. Building the kingdom involves:

    1. Evangelism – reaching and teaching the lost

    2. Edification – building stronger faith in believers

    3. Teaching the Bible – Classes, one-on-one, VBS

    4. Training – teaching godly character in our children

    5. Application – making the Bible relevant to everyday life

Opportunities before Us

  1. Communication

    1. Computer – email, websites, online Bible course

    2. Radio / TV

    3. Print – newspaper, books, flyers

    4. Audio / Video / DVD / streaming video

  2. Public Interest in Spiritual Life

    1. Many are not interested in “church”

    2. But they have questions about life, where from, where headed

    3. News – Fundamentalist group in TX, polygamy, abortion, mercy killing

  3. Failure of others that we depended on

    1. Government and social programs

    2. Science has not / will not find all the answers

    3. Benevolence – Help for children – Help for elderly

  4. People

    1. We often think in “mass” - reach millions

    2. Every individual has needs, questions, issues

  5. Location, location, location

    1. 3 keys to starting a business

    2. We have – building, property, room to grow


  1. Movie (1989) – Dead Poet's Society – Robin Williams takes his poetry class into the hallway to see photos of past, dead poets.

  2. He said, "We are food for worms, Lads! Believe it or not each and every one of us in this room one day will stop breathing, turn cold, and die. Step forward and see these faces from the past. They were just like you are now. They believed they're destined for great things. Their eyes are full of hope. But, you see, gentlemen, these boys are now fertilizing daffodils. If you listen real close, you will hear them whisper their legacy to you. Lean in. What do you hear?"

  3. “Seize the day boys! Make your lives extraordinary!”

  4. We need to dream bigger dreams, see great opportunities


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