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TEXT:  Mark 16:15-16
PROPOSITION:  The Great Commission is still in effect.
KEY WORD:  Questions


  1. The last words a person speaks are often most remembered.
  2. Final requests and wishes are granted.
  3. Deathbed confessions are accepted in courts.
  4. Here is the final command, last wish of Jesus on earth.


 What is Jesus asking of us?

  1. Must everyone sell their home, quit their job, and move to some foreign land?
  2. Is Jesus requiring all of us to become preachers?
  3. What training is required for this work?


 Who should do this? (You)

  1. In a command (imperative) the subject is an understood “you”
  2. The subject is the person addressed.
  3. If I am speaking to my son, “Mow the lawn” – not addressed to others
  4. Jesus is speaking to the eleven remaining apostles (Mark 16:14)
  5. Preachers, elders, deacons, SS teachers
  6. Pew-packers, all members, all who have learned should share that with others
  7. Not required:
    1. Experience
    2. Training – Theology, mission work, Bible college
    3. Special skills – Scripture memorized, counselor, Greek and Hebrew


 What should I do? Go

  1. Present active = “as you are going” – wherever, whenever, as you go about our activities, whoever you come in contact with
  2. This could mean – Russia, China, Central America, Fargo, North Dakota
  3. Isaiah 6:8 – Who can I send? Who will go for us? Here am I, send me


Who should I teach? Whole creation (KJV – every creature)

  1. We must be a respecter of persons
  2. All who don’t know – need to know


Am I included in this command?

  1. Matthew 28:18-19 – Go – teach – baptize – teach them to keep commands (including this one)
  2. 2 Timothy 2:2 – leaned from me – teach to faithful men – teach others also
  3. How did you hear the gospel message?
  4. How did they learn the gospel message?
  5. Everyone in this room is included:
    1. You are one who needs to hear and obey the gospel
    2. You are one who must share the message with others


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