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TITLE: Who is the greatest?
TEXT: Mark 9:31-37
PROPOSITION: Greatness is a difficult thing to achieve in the kingdom.
KEY WORD: Challenges
  1. Jesus told his apostles of his D B R. (31)
  2. They were afraid to ask about this (again). (32)
  3. They disputed over who is the greatest. (33)

What is the connection?
  1. Jesus would be gone - Who would take over?
  2. Who is “next in line” for the leadership role?

True Greatness
What does Jesus teach about greatness?
  1. Opposite the Harvard Business School model
  2. Want to be first, must be last (35)
  3. Learn from a child (36) - Matthew 18:1-6; Mark 10:13-16
  4. Receive a child (37)

What is TRUE greatness?
  1. The one who wins this greatness does not attain it at the expense of others.
  2. It is possible for one to win this greatness anywhere, anytime, any position in life. Not just rich, PhD, powerful - YOU can be great!
  3. This greatness is satisfying to its possessor - It's own reward.

2 Qualities of Greatness
  1. In crisis - Emergency, unexpected - others look to leaders for direction
  2. In deliberation - Deep thinkers, willing to express their ideas
  3. In attitude - not arrogant, boastful; just self-assured, confident

Humility toward:
  1. Sin - not “holier than thou”, Galatians 6:1-2; Confess; Repent
  2. Service - Wash feet (John 13); cup of water; bake a cake; fix a flat tire
  3. Self - Not pride, arrogant; not jealous of others; willing to delegate and let go

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