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TITLE: How to Grow Faith
TEXT: Mark 11:22
PROPOSITION: Faith in God must grow and become stronger.
KEY WORD: Methods
         1.        Faith is essential. Hebrews 11:6; John 8:24; and many more.
2.        How do we get faith? Romans 10:17
3.        How do we KEEP the faith? 2 Timothy 4:7 I have kept the faith
4.        How do we GROW faith? This is the more difficult question.
5.        Here are some methods to increase your faith.

Read your Bible
         1.        Romans 10:17 ? Faith comes by hearing the Word (read, listen to sermon tapes)
2.        With a sense of anticipation
3.        Regularly ? daily
4.        With a desire to make personal application. What is God saying to me?

         1.        Believing that God WILL hear and respond to you.
2.        As we see answers to prayer, that builds our existing faith even stronger.
3.        Remove all doubt.

Exercise the faith you already have
         1.        To gain muscles ? use what you got.
2.        Faith is TRUST. Do you trust God?
3.        Act on that trust.
4.        What are you looking to and trusting God for today?

Read or listen to the testimonies of other believers
         1.        Hebrews 11 ? Heroes of faith encourage us
2.        John 20:30-31 These are written that you might believe
3.        Read Fox?s Book of Martyrs.
4.        Study the persecution of the early church.

Obey God's word
         1.        Faith MUST include obedience.
2.        Faith without obedience = dead faith. James 2:18

Accept adversity
         1.        The trials, problems, and pressures of life are a "tool" that God uses for our spiritual growth and faith development. (This is not an easy one)
2.        1 Peter 1:7 ? faith is refined (made pure) in the fiery trials

         1.        1 John 1:7 ? Walk in the light, fellowship with Jesus
2.        Surround yourself with other Christians.
3.        Attend church regularly.
4.        Be around strong Christians. Something will rub off on you.

         1.        State your faith PUBLICLY.
2.        This will help you to stay on the right track and be in obedience to God in yourself and by helping someone else-which will keep your eyes open to God's will and His working in your life.

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