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Theme text: Isaiah 1:10-14

Introduction to series

1.   It is easy to just go through the motions. Sing, stand, sit, listen, go home.

2.   Worship must NEVER be boring, ho-hum.

3.   I want to examine how to avoid the ho-hum in our worship.

 Ho-Hum worship Communion

1 Corinthians 11:27-28


1.   Communion must not become ho-hum, routine

2.   There are some strict warnings about failure to do it right.


How to Avoid Ho-Hum Communion

1.   Understand Communion

a.   Unleavened Bread = body on the cross

b.   Fruit of the Vine = blood of Christ

2.   Examine Your Heart

a.   Where is your mind, heart and spirit?

b.   Where is your spiritual state?

c.   Unworthily = in the wrong way

d.   NOT are you worthy?

3.   Deal with Sin

a.   Communion is a celebration for Christians

b.   Is there un-repented sin in your life?

c.   Deal with sin FIRST

4.   Partake with Thanksgiving

a.   Jesus to the bread and gave thanks

b.   Too the cup and gave thanks

c.   Somber to remember His death and suffering on the cross

d.   It is also a time of joy and gratitude for the love and sacrifice for me


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