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Theme text: Isaiah 1:10-14

Introduction to series

1.   It is easy to just go through the motions. Sing, stand, sit, listen, go home.

2.   Worship must NEVER be boring, ho-hum.

3.   I want to examine how to avoid the ho-hum in our worship.


Ho-Hum worship Prayer 2


1.   At a certain point in worship it is time to have a prayer.

2.   Public prayer can become ho-hum, routine, same thing.

3.   Public prayers are often routine, same words and phrases.

4.   We often follow the same format.

 What is prayer?

1.   Define: Prayer to communicate with God, talk to God

2.   Literally to make a request to God

3.   Prayer can include:

a.   Adoration

b.   Confession

c.   Thanksgiving

d.   Supplication for others

e.   Submission to God

 Leader of public prayer

1.   Direct the thoughts on the heart of the congregation

2.   Mention those who are sick, needing our prayers.


1.   What can the leader in prayer do to prevent Ho-Hum?

2.   Do you say the same things every time?

3.   Same phrases, same sequence, same content?

 All (men and women)

1.   What can we do to prevent prayer from becoming Ho-Hum?

2.   Do you really listen to the words?

3.   Do you agree with what was said?

4.   Do you add to the thoughts of the prayer leader?


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