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Theme text: Isaiah 1:10-14

Introduction to series

1.   It is easy to just go through the motions. Sing, stand, sit, listen, go home.

2.   Worship must NEVER be boring, ho-hum.

3.   I want to examine how to avoid the ho-hum in our worship.


Ho-Hum Worship – Sermon – 4


1.   The sermon takes almost half of the time we spend in worship

2.   How is the sermon worship?

3.   Why is it often difficult to follow the lesson?

4.   Why do we often allow our minds to wander to other matters?


What is a sermon?

1.   A planned, organized speech on a spiritual subject

2.   Prayer = we speak to God

3.   Sermon / study = God speaks to us


How is a sermon – worship?

1.   Encourage – to remain faithful

2.   Admonish – mild rebuke of the danger of sin

3.   Instruct – Explain the difficult passages

4.   Inform – Here is what God wanted you to know / do

5.   What do you expect to gain from the sermon?


What can the preacher do to prevent Ho-Hum?

1.   Must engage the Biblical text

2.   Must proclaim the gospel

3.   Connect God’s Word to God’s people

4.   Well organized – easy to follow and understand

5.   Engage the imagination

6.   Challenges us to obey / improve / change


What can the listener do to prevent Ho-Hum?

1.   Be alert – rested – mind ready to learn

2.   Making application – I can use that / improve in this

3.   Not every response is one who comes forward



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