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Theme text: Isaiah 1:10-14

Introduction to series

1.   It is easy to just go through the motions. Sing, stand, sit, listen, go home.

2.   Worship must NEVER be boring, ho-hum.

3.   I want to examine how to avoid the ho-hum in our worship.


Ho-Hum worship – Singing – 1


1.   Singing is a part of our worship. Ephesians 5:19, Colossians 3:16

2.   The notes, tempo, quarter notes, rests, etc. are important

3.   The words are also important.

4.   New songs – we focus on the music to get it right.

5.   Old songs – we sing from memory with little thought to the words we are singing.

6.   Sometimes we are guilty of singing a song – unaware of the message in it.

7.   We often sing songs with little understanding of the words.

8.   Some have said, “Poor singing is the best argument for the instrument.”


Ways to keep singing worship alive

1.   Remember who we worship: our awesome God!

2.   Remember why we worship: He loves us and redeemed us!

3.   Remember how we worship: in spirit (intellect, emotion, will) and in truth!

4.   Sing great songs

5.   Introduce fresh content at an appropriate rate for your church’s ability (perhaps learn 12 additional songs per year, more or less)

6.   Learn to read music (basics)

7.   Know what part you sing – S, A, T, B

8.   Learn to hear the words you sing

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