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TITLE: Impossible made Possible
TEXT: Mark 10:23-27
PROPOSITION: While man is able to do many things, salvation is not in his ability.
KEY WORD: Impossibilities
  1. “Difficult we do right away, Impossible takes a little longer.”
  2. There are things which man cannot do.
  3. We cannot save ourselves. Impossible.
  4. Only God can make our salvation possible.
  5. God does not owe me eternal life because I prayed, read my Bible, went to church, was baptized, believed in Jesus, etc.

Man can do many things
  1. Medical advances - surgery, drugs, equipment, technology
  2. Space travel
  3. Electronics - Radio, TV, color, digital, satellite, computers, internet
  4. In many fields - major advances in recent years
  5. But there are some things man cannot do - IMPOSSIBLE

Some things are impossible (by the nature of the case)
  1. Make a rock so big you can't pick it up
  2. Create a tall short person, skinny fat, (oxymorons)
  3. By definition of terms these things are impossible
    1. By the normal understanding of words
    2. Try to imply a lack of power

Some things are impossible with men
  1. Possess the power and ability of God
  2. Obtain salvation (forgiveness of sins)
  3. Earn eternal life - Romans 11:6
  4. Work you way to heaven - Ephesians 2:8-9

With God all things are possible
  1. Only God can forgive and forget
  2. Only God can impute righteousness to us (credit our account as righteous)
  3. Only God can change us from mortal to immortal
  4. Only God save us in heaven, give us eternal life

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