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TITLE: In by 12, Out by 2
TEXT: Mark 6:7-13
PROPOSITION: Jesus sends us out with instructions.
KEY WORD: Instructions

  1. Sign in Dry Cleaners - “In by 12 out by 2”
  2. Our text shows Jesus calling in 12.
  3. He sends them out 2 by 2.
  4. There have been many guesses about “Why 12?” and “Why by 2?”
  5. 12 = 12 tribes, 12 gates, 12 foundations, etc.
  6. 2 = strength, security, safety, companionship

Gave them Power (7)
  1. Power (authority) to deal with demons
  2. Strong - delegated influence:--authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, right, strength
  3. We have power
  4. 2 Timothy 1:17 - God has given us a spirit of power, love, sound mind
  5. Romans 1:16 - gospel is power of God unto salvation

Gave them Limitations (8-9)
  1. Jesus commanded them
  2. Take NOTHING on your journey
  3. No bag, no bread, no money in your belt
  4. Only carry a staff (walking stick)
  5. Tie on your sandals
  6. No extra change of clothes
  7. NOTE: Preachers today have much more - But: still dependant on the brethren

Gave them Instructions (10-11)
  1. Enter a house remain there till you leave
  2. If they will not hear, listen to you - shake dust as testimony
  3. How long should you keep trying to teach someone?
  4. As long as they are willing to study, receptive to the Word
  5. More tolerable for Sodom

They went out (12)
  1. They went out and started preaching.
  2. No masters degree, no preacher training school
  3. No homiletics, no hermeneutics, no speech classes

They preached repentance (12)
  1. Summary description - sermon in one word = repent
  2. Jesus did. John did. Peter did. Paul did.

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