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TITLE: God granted his request (6th of 6)
TEXT: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10
PROPOSITION: God answers prayer.
  1. For the past couple of months we have studied some phrases to pray.
  2. Now I reveal to you that there are not 5 prayers, but 1.


  1. Genealogy is not exciting - (Abraham forgot Isaac, Isaac forgot Jacob)
  2. First 9 chapters of 1 Chronicles - genealogy of Hebrew tribes.
  3. Ahumai, Ishma, Idbash, Anub, Jabez (Wait, let me tell you about him.)
  4. Jabez was:
    1. More honorable than his brothers
    2. Mother named him Jabez (pain)
    3. It could be the pain of childbirth
    4. It could refer to the pain in Israel (period of Judges - oppression)

Prayer of Jabez

  1. Bless me indeed
  2. Enlarge my territory
  3. Your hand be with me
  4. Keep me from evil.
  5. Not cause pain.

So God granted him what he requested.
  1. God does answer prayer.
  2. God's phone number = Jeremiah 33:3 Call on me, I will answer
  3. Matthew 7:7-11 - Ask, seek, knock = Given, find, open
  4. James 4:2 - You have not because you ask not.
  5. Mark 11:24 - Pray, believing - you shall have them
  6. Psalm 65:2 - God is a prayer hearing God

Here is the challenge:
  1. Understand what is included in this prayer.
  2. Pray this prayer every day.
  3. Look for how God answers this request in your life.

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