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TITLE: Jesus was amazed
TEXT: Mark 6:4-6
PROPOSITION: Sometimes, even Jesus is amazed.
KEY WORD: Circumstances

  1. Many things surprise, amaze, and marvel us
  2. Few things are a surprise to Jesus.

Jesus was Amazed (marveled, wondered) at:

The unbelief of the Jews - Mark 6:6
  1. Faithlessness - lack of faith, disbelief
  2. Sort of understand today - not an excuse - lack of physical evidence
  3. Jesus is here - doing miracles, teaching parables, fulfilling prophecies
  4. Why would anyone NOT believe?
  5. Today we think - If I had lived in Bible times ---
  6. “They have Moses and prophets.” Luke 16:31

The Great faith of a Gentile - Matthew 8:10; Luke 7:9
  1. Roman soldier - not come to house - just say the word
  2. Centurion (over 100 men) - command, they obey, go, they go.
  3. Jesus, you can command disease the way I command troops.
  4. I have not seen such great faith in Israel.

Why could Jesus do no miracles here?
  1. Wisdom - He know it would not help their unbelief
  2. Do not cast pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6)
  3. Goodness - further rejection = greater damnation
  4. Purpose - to produce faith (John 20:30-31)

Which way will Jesus be amazed at you?
  1. Your great faith - in action, demonstrated?
  2. Your unbelief - rejection, refusal to obey?

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