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TITLE: Jesus Under Temptation
TEXT: Mark 1:12-13
PROPOSITION: Jesus was tempted like we are tempted.
  1. Hebrews 4:15 - tempted in all points
  2. Many think because Jesus did not sin that he COULD NOT SIN
  3. Quote from W. E. Best - See below
  4. Our text tells us 5 parts of temptation

Drove into the wilderness
  1. When baptized - most vulnerable
  2. Immediately - next event

In the wilderness 40 days
  1. Why 40 days?
  2. Wilderness = separated from protection
  3. Moses, Elijah and Jesus fasted 40 days

Tempted by Satan
  1. Not tempted by God - James 1:13-15
  2. Discuss - tempted = tested or tried vs. tempted = enticed to wrong
  3. Satan is the tempter
  4. A test comes from the heart of a teacher wanting a student to learn
  5. A temptation comes from the heart of an enemy wanting us to fail
  6. A trial comes from the heart of a judge wanting the truth to prevail

With wild beasts
  1. With temptations (entice to do evil) there are wild beasts
  2. Doubts, fears, worry, lack of knowledge, danger, lusts, hatred, anger

Angels ministered to him
  1. Victory is celebrated
  2. Angels rejoice when a sinner repents (or avoids sin)

W. E. Best, Christ Could Not Be Tempted - Temptation has no power over a perfect Person, but it does over a depraved person. Jesus Christ, during his days in the flesh, was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners (Hebrews 7:26). To suggest that He had a nature subject to sin is nothing short of blasphemy. On the other hand, depraved men are capable of sin because they have a mind tht is ready to receive an evil suggestion.” Page 13

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