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SERIES: By This We Know - - God Exists (1 of 5)


1. The Bible claims the existence of God.

A. Psalms 14:1 B. Psalms 19:1-3

C. Genesis 1:1 D. Hebrews 11:1-3

2. Can we prove that God exists?

3. Can the atheist prove that God does not exist?

4. Here are eight (8) logical proofs.



I. The argument from Cause

1. "An effect must have a cause."

2. Trace every effect back and there is a first cause.

3. At some point we should reach an "uncaused cause."


II. My digital watch

1. I wear a watch that knows the time right now -

Hour, minute and second, A.M. or P.M.

2. It knows the day of the week.

3. It knows the date of the month.

4. It knows which months have 28, 30 or 31 days.

5. It knows when February should have 29 days.

6. There are two explanations for such a watch.

A. Some chance motion brought the right elements together in the proper amount to make this watch happen. It all happened by chance.

B. The watch is the result of purposeful intelligence. Someone planned, designed and built the watch to have these features.

7. Which would you choose to believe about the watch?


III. Design in the Universe

1. There is evident design:

A. The orbit of the planets.

B. The seasonal tilt of the earth.

C. The location of the sun.

D. The location of the stars, moon and earth.

2. Any gaps in this design?

A. We measure what is orderly to us.

B. God would design what is orderly to Him.


IV. The Moral Argument

1. Man has a knowledge of "ought."

2. Where do we get our moral values?

3. In a national crisis -

A. One may feel the need to go defend his country.

B. Another feels that he must be a conscientious objector.

C. Both feel a moral "ought."

4. The source of our moral obligations requires God.

V. The Voice of Beauty

1. Why is there beauty in this world?

2. Evolution can not explain beauty!

3. Psalms 19

A. Sunset

B. Mountains

C. Butterflies

D. Flowers

E. Season changes - (fall, spring)


VI. The Testimony of Others

1. People in the Bible

A. Adam B. Moses

C. Joshua D. Prophets

E. Joseph and Mary F. Shepherds

2. People you know

A. Lives have been changed.

B. Reformed in character.

C. Politicians, sports figures, etc.

D. Preachers, teachers of Sunday School


VII. Personal Confrontation

1. Something happens to everyone who meets God.

2. Situations will vary.

3. God becomes clear to us individually.


VIII. The Natural Attributes of God

1. Omnipotence (Matt. 19:26; Job 42:2)

A. All-powerful

B. Some things God cannot do:

1] Make a five-sided square

2] Make a living dead man.

C. These are meaningless absurdities.


2. Omnipresence (Ps. 139:7)

A. Everywhere present

B. God is not limited by time or space

C. Past, present and future do not have meaning to God.


3. Omniscience (Ps. 147:5)

A. All knowing

B. God is aware of all that happens

C. He is aware of each thought, each bird that falls from a nest, each hair on our head, ALL that we think or do


4. Moral Attributes

A. Positive

1] Love (I John 4:8)

2] Absolute goodness

3] Absolute forgiveness

B. Negative

1] Wrath

2] Justice

3] Judgment


5. The Trinity

A. There is ONE God.

B. God is manifested in three persons:

1] Father

2] Son - Jesus Christ

3] Holy Spirit

C. NOT -

1] Tritheism - Three gods

2] Polytheism - Many gods

3] Dualism - Opposites (good/evil)

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