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TITLE:  The Last Supper
 Mark 14:22-26
 Jesus converted the Jewish Passover to the New Covenant communion memorial service.


  1. We partake of communion each Sunday.
  2. Most understand why this is done.
  3. Many do not understand the background for this.

 Preparation – House cleaning

  1. All leaven MUST be removed from the house.
  2. Four sets of dishes (Exodus 23:19)
    1. 1 for milk, 1 for meat for the year.
    2. 1 for milk, 1 for meat for Passover.
  3. Game to get all involved
    1. Mother hides cookies, cake, or bread in the house.
    2. Children search for it – reward – eat the cookie
    3. Call for father to clean out all crumbs and throw then into the fire.
  4. Lambs are purchased
  5. By 3 PM lambs are being killed, blood on door frames
  6. National BBQ of lamb

Meal begins at 6 PM

  1. Father (as patriarch) puts on priestly robes
  2. Family is seated in order around the father
  3. Candle is lighted by the woman of the house
  4. 1st – Cup of Sanctification
  5. Then 3 loaves in bag with 3 sections; middle loaf removed, broken and hidden
  6. Youngest boy asks 4 questions:
    1. Why is this night so special?
    2. Why the unleavened bread and bitter herbs?
    3. Why do we dip salt into the water?
    4. Why do we sit on pillows at the table?
  1. The father quotes Exodus 12:27
  2. The remainder of the evening is spent eating and answering these questions.
  3. 2nd cup – Cup of Plagues – 10 drops on a white plate
  4. 3rd cup (desert) – Cup of Thanksgiving (Luke 22:17-20 –3rd and 4th mentioned)
  5. 4th cup – Cup of Redemption (This is the cup Jesus used to introduce communion to the apostles.)

Comments on “Unworthily”

  1. Describes the manner (how) you partake – attitude, mind set, purpose
  2. If you are a Christian, washed in the blood of Jesus – CANNOT be unworthy.


  1. Have you prepared for this communion?
  2. Are you doing it in the proper attitude, frame of mind, and purpose?

 NOTE: A special thanks to Michael D. Inman for much of the material, “The Blood Covenant”, used in this sermon.

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