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TITLE: The Look of Jesus
TEXT: Mark 3:1-6
PROPOSITION: Sometimes a look is more revealing than words.
  1. A look can reveal much about our feelings and emotions.
  2. Mark (more than all other writers combined) tells us about the looks of Jesus.

Anger - Mark 3:5
  1. Jesus got angry Ephesians 4:26 Be angry and do not sin
  2. Jesus did not sin 1 John 3:5 - in Him is no sin

Grieved - Mark 3:5
  1. Many things make us sad, grieved, and disappointed.
  2. Jesus was grieved and he let them know by his look.

Relationship - Mark 3:34
  1. Look of friends, family, lovers
  2. Jesus looked - This is my family.

God - Mark 6:41
  1. Not about posture in prayer.
  2. It is about direction.

Rebuke - Mark 8:33
  1. Peter rebuked Jesus 8:32
  2. Jesus turned around - looked at disciples - Do the rest of you think this?
  3. Then he rebuked Peter.

Love - Mark 10:21
  1. Rich ruler - Jesus looked - liked what he saw
  2. What does Jesus see in your heart?

Heart - Mark 12:14
  1. Not regard (look) at the face but at the heart.
  2. Man looks at externals - God sees hearts 1 Samuel 16:7

  1. How would Jesus look at you?
  2. What does Jesus see when he looks at you?

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