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TITLE: The Marriage Rule
TEXT: Mark 10:1-12
PROPOSITION: We look for the loophole before we know the rule.
  1. Marriage and Divorce are difficult issues because:
  2. Prevalence - 1 out of 2 marriages end in divorce
  3. Emotional issues involved - family, children, grandparents
  4. Eternal issue - sin and consequences, heaven or hell
  5. Moral issues - fornication, adultery, broken promises
  6. Biblical issues - Many are looking for the loophole.

What did Moses allow? (3-5)
  1. Study Deuteronomy 24:
  2. Two schools of thought
    1. Unclean = fornication
    2. Found no favor in her = anything I don't like

What was the original plan of God? (6-9)
  1. Beginning - male and female (6)
  2. Leave = cut ties of dependence
  3. Cleave = glue (Greek - mucilage)
  4. God is involved - tri-lateral contract
  5. No man can void a contract with God

Private study with apostles (10-12)
  1. The Rule (11)
    1. Put away wife and marry another = adultery against her
    2. Put away husband and marry another = adultery against him
  2. Waiting Game
    1. One says, “Why don't you just divorce me?”
    2. Then justifies self - “I did not divorce, he did.”
    3. After divorce many just try to “out wait” the other to remarry
    4. Wedding vow - Is to maintain the marriage - to the best of your ability.
    5. Keep your promise.

  1. We made a contract with God and a spouse to be faithful to that contract until death.
  2. It does not expire, can't renegotiate, not a 3 year lease with option to renew

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