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TITLE: Preaching, Calling, and Helping
TEXT: Mark 1:14-34
PROPOSITION: Jesus shows us how to evangelize.
KEY WORD: Methods
  1. How would you being a new ministry? Do? Say? How to begin?
  2. Most of our discussions are about what methods (filmstrips, OBS, safety chain)
  3. Here are 3 ways our Lord began.

Preached - 14-15
  1. He spoke publicly - went to the people - not wait for people to come to us
  2. He preached gospel (good news)
  3. He informed them about the coming kingdom of God (the church)
  4. He urged repentance
  5. He urged faith
  6. He urged an immediate response - “The time is fulfilled”

Called - 16-20
  1. Simon and Andrew- 16-18 - I will make you fishers of men
  2. James and John - 19-20 - left immediately
  3. We - want to think about it, hear more, study more lessons, delay

Helped - He Met needs - 21-34
  1. Cast out unclean spirit - 21-28
  2. Healed Peter's mother-in-law - 29-31
  3. Various diseases - 32-34

If we want to see this church grow:
  1. Preach / Teach on every occasion you have
  2. Call them to respond
  3. Meet their needs

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