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TITLE: Could not be Hidden
TEXT: Mark 7:24
PROPOSITION: Jesus cannot be hidden
KEY WORD: Questions

  1. Jesus did not seek publicity
  2. Jesus wanted to hide - make no headlines
  3. But he could not be hidden

Why did Jesus want to be hidden?
  1. Not seeking publicity - unlike many televangelists today
  2. Not wanting fame to spread too fast - timing
  3. John 7:6-8 - My time is not yet
  4. Luke 9:53 - He was heading toward Jerusalem

Why could he not be hidden?
  1. Doing good - Acts 10:38 “went about doing good” Mark 7:37 “Does all things well”
  2. He was meeting people's needs
  3. Healing, helping, feeding
  4. Blind, deaf, lame, dead, sick, demon possessed
  5. He was preaching what people needed to hear
  6. Matthew 4:17 - Jesus preached - repent, kingdom at hand
  7. Matthew 4:23 - In synagogue - gospel of kingdom
  8. He was offering hope, forgiveness, salvation
  9. He was making the complicated - simple

Can Jesus be hidden in your life?
  1. Do not deny Jesus - Matthew 10:33
  2. 2 Timothy 2:12 - If we deny him, he will deny us.
  3. Be open with your faith - John 12:42 - believed but not confessed

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