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TITLE: How to be “One of His”
TEXT: Mark 9:38-41
PROPOSITION: We must learn to recognize who belongs to Christ.
KEY WORD: Attributes
  1. Background story - apostles did not know him - must be an imposter
  2. Jesus discusses some attributes of those who are his.

Jealousy (38)
  1. Casting out demons in your name
  2. He follows not us - not under us
  3. Jealousy - all doing this work should be under apostles
  4. James 3:14 - If you have bitter jealousy and strive in your hearts, do not glory and lie against the truth.
  5. We forbade him

Forbid him not (39) [Two Tests]
Was he doing things FOR Christ?
  1. Was he doing things in Jesus name?
  2. Was he giving honor and glory to Christ?
  3. Was he a proper example of a follower of Christ?
Was he doing anything AGAINST Christ?
  1. Was he teaching error?
  2. Was he working against Christ? Undermine the mission of Jesus?
  3. Was he casting out demons in some other name?
  4. Was he doing wrong things in Jesus name?

Can't be neutral (40)
  1. For Christ OR against Him
  2. There is no neutral ground
  3. Many today are trying to be “on the fence”
  4. Verse 40 - Not against me = for me
  5. Matthew 12:30 - Not with me = against me

Does Jesus approve of denominationalism?
  1. This man was not teaching - he was casting out demons.
  2. He was doing this “in Jesus name” - by the power and authority of Christ
  3. Before church was established - not about approving various teachings
  4. This passage says - Just because you don't know them - not reason to reject
  5. Started church in Russia - David Macy went there - He did not know me, I did not know him - We both accepted the work each other did

Cup of water (41)
  1. Jesus is not looking for those who claim
  2. He is looking for servants willing to serve
  3. Term is used to describe the “least” of our efforts.
  4. We will be rewarded according to our deeds. (2 Corinthians 5:10)

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