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TITLE: Request Denied
TEXT: Mark 10:37-45
PROPOSITION: There are valid reasons for being denied our requests.
KEY WORD: Reasons
  1. Matthew includes the mother of James and John.
  2. We have a request - will you do it?
  3. One on your right hand, other on your left.

Request of James and John

Thought they were asking to be “top dog” in the kingdom - 37

Jesus answers:

You do not know what you are asking - 38
  1. Right and left = sheep and goats = saved and lost (Matthew 25)
  2. We often pray for things - we really don't want
  3. Grass is always greener on other side of fence.
  4. Pray “If it be your will” - according to the will of God

You can't handle the job. - 38-39
  1. Can you drink from the cup?
  2. Can you be baptized as I am about to be baptized?
  3. Baptism = immersion, burial - This is a baptism of suffering.
  4. They argue that they are ready.

Not mine to give - 39-40
  1. You will suffer - not as Jesus - but suffer nonetheless.
  2. Not mine to give - I am not the one who decides this issue.
  3. Left or right hand - determined by our lives - not whim of Christ
  4. 2 Corinthians 5:10 - deeds done in body, good or bad

Worldly rulers - 42
  1. Other apostles were angry - didn't think of it first
  2. Worldly rulers - Lord it over - control, dictate, order, command
  3. They exercise authority OVER them.

Not so among you - 43-45
  1. The Harvard business model will not work in the church
  2. Want to be “top dog” = be the servant
  3. Want to be first = be slave of all
  4. Note the example of Jesus
    1. Not to be served - as worldly rulers
    2. Jesus came to serve - work, sacrifice
    3. Give his life a ransom for many

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