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TITLE:  Scattered Sheep
 Mark 14:27-31
 Sheep are easily scattered without a good shepherd.


  1. Jesus tells his apostles that when he is arrested – they will scatter.
  2. Matthew 26:56 Then all the disciples forsook him and fled.
  3. What causes sheep to scatter?

 Lack of faith

  1. Faith – trust, confidence
  2. If we do not believe in our leaders – we will wander away


  1. Fear is a negative motivator – restricts, cowers down, runs away
  2. 2 Timothy 1:7 We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power of love and of a sound mind.

No real depth to their commitment

  1. Many are faithful – as long as there is no cost
  2. When put to the test – would you run or stay?
  3. If you were one of the 12 – you would have fled also

Trouble, strife

  1. Internal strife – division, debate, arguing, fussing = scattering of sheep
  2. “I don’t need this. I am going elsewhere.”
  3. We must learn to disagree – without being disagreeable!


  1. Sometimes the flock moves on with the shepherd and we do not notice.
  2. Are you paying attention? Are you listening?

Not being fed – hungry

  1. Some leave because they are not being fed – churches leaving the “old paths”
  2. Change agents – seeking to attract the “unchurched” – abandon feeding the flock

Enemy attacks

  1. Persecution is inevitable – 2 Timothy 3:12 – Righteous will suffer persecution
  2. When wolves attack:
    1. Some get stronger, bolder, stand up and resist
    2. Many will just run the other way - scatter


  1. The flock of God will always need good, strong, courageous leaders.
  2. This church is blessed with a strong, united eldership.
  3. We have deacons who take their work seriously and faithfully.

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