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TITLE: Jesus, Son of Seven
TEXT: Mark 12:35-40
PROPOSITION: Jesus is both the descendent and Lord of David.
KEY WORD: Connections

  1. The other day I got a call from a man asking if Jesus is the Son of God. I said, “Yes.” He asked, “Then why does Jesus refer to himself as the Son of Man?”
  2. Answer: Jesus is BOTH.

Psalm 110:1 - Study this passage and implications
  1. “Jehovah said to my (David's) Lord, Sit on my right hand”
  2. Three people here - Jehovah, David, and Lord
  3. Is Jesus under David or over him?
  4. Is Jesus the son of David or the Lord over David?

Common people heard him gladly - 37
  1. Not many high, mighty, rich are called.
  2. Jesus appealed not to intellectual, powerful, rich, political forces
  3. Jesus appealed to the common, ordinary man on the street

Beware of the scribes
  1. Walk about in robes
  2. Love greetings in the marketplace
  3. Chief seat in synagogue
  4. Upper most place at a feast
  5. Devour widow's houses
  6. Make a pretense of long prayers
  7. Receive greater condemnation

Jesus, Son of Seven
  1. Son of Adam - all men (Luke 3:38)
  2. Son of Abraham - Hebrew, Jew (Matthew 1:1)
  3. Son of David - Tribe of Judah, King (Matthew 1:1)
  4. Son of Joseph (supposed) - human, legal heir (Luke 3:23)
  5. Son of Mary - virgin birth (Mark 6:3 Is this not the son of Mary?)
  6. Son of man - obey the Father (John 3:14 Son of Man must be lifted up)
  7. Son of God - deity (Matthew 16:16 Peter's confession)

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