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Title: Sowing the Seed
Text: Mark 4:1-20
Proposition: We are to scatter the seed, The soil determines the results.
Question: How?
Key Word: Factors
Scripture Reading: Mark 4:1-9

1. Jesus taught many parables.
2. Parable = a comparison of the known with the unknown.
3. Jesus took common material things to explain spiritual truths.

Here Jesus teaches us that when we scatter seed it can fall in 4 types of soil.
Notice with each soil what it produces and the application lessons

        Produces: Birdseed
        Application: Hard, closed mind, never grow, Satan takes away seed

        Produces: Beginning, springs up, wither away
        Application: No depth, can't take the heat, receive with gladness

        Produces: Grew up (mature), no fruit
        Application: Looks alive, not productive, cares of world choke out

        Produces: Grew, increased, 30, 60, 100 fold
        Application: Productive, reproductive, hear, accept, and obey

Lessons to Learn:
1. Our job is to scatter seed - everywhere, to all
2. Don't judge the soil. This is not your job.
3. The power to grow is in the seed.
4. How and if it develops is in the soil.

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