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TITLE:  Sweating Blood
 Mark 14:32-42
 The agony of the cross was spiritual, not physical.


  1. What was the agony Jesus was feeling?
  2. I want to examine one statement in detail.
  3. Why did Jesus sweat drops of blood? (Luke 22:44)

 1. Not fear of physical death.

  1. Many preachers describe in detail the painfulness of death.
  2. In humanity Jesus suffered
  3. Common explanation - Jesus dreaded death - but submitted to God’s will
  4. Fox’s Book of Martyrs - Many died worse, more cruel deaths
  5. Faced death with Joy, Prayers, Forgiveness, Songs, Calmly

2. Medical Explanation of Luke 22:44

  1. Under extreme mental anguish - small capillaries near surface of skin will dilate
  2. This allows blood cells to come to the surface mixed with sweat.
  3. Medical term - hematidrosis (See quote #1 below.)
  4. Remember - Blood mingled with water (John 19:34, 1 John 5:6)

3. He died bearing sins of world - past, present and future.

  1. 2 Corinthians 5:21 Made to be sin for us
  2. Romans 5:8 While we were yet sinners
  3. What made this death so terrible is the relation to sin
  4. Jesus was in the same condition as every sinner dying out of Christ

4. Spiritual Death.

  1. Ephesians 2:1 He has quickened you who were dead in sins
  2. 1 Timothy 5:6 She that lives in pleasure is dead while she lives.
  3. Jesus died so we could live!!! (John 11:25-26)
  4. Did Jesus die physically so we would not die physically? NO!
  5. Read Isaiah 53 -

                                4 - Smitten of God and afflicted

                                5 - Wounded for our transgressions

                                6 - Lord laid on him iniquity of us all

                                10 - God made his soul an offering for sin

                                11 - He shall bear their iniquities

                                12 - He was numbered with the transgressors

12 - He bore the sins of many


  1. See quotes #2 and #3 below.
  2. What is your relationship with God?


  1. Although this is a very rare phenomenon, bloody sweat (hematidrosis) may occur in highly emotional states or in persons with bleeding disorders. As a result of hemorrhage into the sweat glands, the skin becomes fragile and tender. Luke's descriptions supports the diagnosis of hematidrosis rather than eccrine chromidrosis (brown or yellow-green sweat) or stigmatization (blood oozing from the palms or elsewhere). Although some authors have suggested that hematidrosis produced hypovolemia, we agree with Bucklin that Jesus' actual blood loss probably was minimal. However, in the cold night air, it may have produced chills.

  2. “How can we do less than prostrate ourselves in adoration and gratitude for One by whose grace I need never die? And how could we fail to do less than arise and walk in newness of life, sharing the good news with others?”

  3. “If one who knew that real fellowship with God means sweating blood at the anticipation of being forsaken of God in any sense for any time, what a horrible thing it must be to be separated from him forever!”

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