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TITLE:  Arrest and Trial
  Mark 14:43-65
  We must understand what Jesus endured for us.
  Mark 14:60-65


  1. Jesus was arrested.
  2. I want you to understand what Jesus went through before the cross.


  1. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John (supported by other 23 books)
  2. 1st century historians Flavius Josephus, Seneca, Plutarch, and others
  3. Shroud of Turin and recent archaeological findings - While I am not convinced that the shroud is the one that was around Jesus, it does give us insight to Roman crucifixions.

 Jewish Trials

  1. Between 1 AM and daybreak (2 Jewish trials)
  2. Annas, high priest (Roman recognized)
  3. Caiaphas, high priest for the year (Jewish recognized)
  4. Found guilty of blasphemy
  5. Blindfolded, spit on, struck in face with fists
  6. At daybreak, taken to the Temple
  7. Found guilty of blasphemy by the Sanhedrin (3rd Jewish trial)

 Roman Trials

  1. Jesus was taken to the Fortress of Antonia, home of Pontius Pilate (1st Roman trial)
  2. Presented as self-appointed king
  3. Pilate made no formal charges, sent him to Herod (2nd Roman trial)
  4. Herod made no charges and returned him to Pilate (3rd Roman trial)
  5. Ready to release him, made offer to release one at Passover
  6. Barabbas was released
  7. Pilate allowed Jesus to be scourged and crucified


  1. Scourging (flogging) was allowed before a crucifixion
  2. Weapon: short whip (Flagellum), braided thongs of various lengths
  3. Into each thong were tied metal or pieces of bone
  4. Hands tied high to a post, clothing removed
  5. Beaten by 2 men alternating blows from each side
  6. Skin, muscle, tissues torn down to the bone
  7. Pain and blood loss left them just short of collapse or death
  8. 39 lashes was a limitation to prevent total death here


  1. Lack of food and water
  2. Lack of sleep or rest; walked over 3 miles
  3. Stress of trials, loss of support, apostles left, denied, betrayed
  4. Loss of blood in the beating

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