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TITLE: Void the Word
TEXT: Mark 7:6-13
PROPOSITION: We can make the Bible void.
KEY WORD: Methods

  1. The Word is powerful (Hebrews 4:12)
  2. It is the Word of God.
  3. How can one make it useless?

Take out of context - women can smoke (Genesis 24:64)
“A text removed from its context becomes a pretext.”

Misquote - Revelation 2:20 “forbid that woman to teach”
Omit a word, read part of a sentence

Eisegesis - read into the text opinions, pre-conceived notions
We all come to a text with out own notions. They must be set aside.

Explain away - Acts 2:38 - “For” means because of (but not in Matthew 26:28)
Many examples could be given - Baptim, Lord's Supper weekly, church organization

Reject the source - higher criticism, Paul did not write Romans (written in 4th century)
Genesis was written by 4 authors (JEDP theory); Mark wrote - other copied from him

Reject inspiration - John 12:48 - Broad sweep - “I don't believe the Bible is from God.”
Simple to reject the Bible. Most can't explain WHY they reject.
They reject because they disagree.

Deny authority - Bible PLUS - tradition, public opinion, personal views
“I know it says that, but God won't expect me to obey it.”
My opinion carries as much weight as the Bible does.

Substitution - tradition (our text)
Cancel the command of God to keep our traditions.

Addition - Instrumental music added to Ephesians 5:19
Revelation 22:18

Subtraction - Delete “confess with your mouth” from Romans 10:9-10
Revelation 22:19

Spiritualize - read secondary meaning into every text
Many explain away by giving “spiritual” interpretation.
Dove = Holy Spirit; Water = cleansing; Sword = Word of God; Fire = power from God

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