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TITLE: By what Authority?
TEXT: Mark 11:27-33
PROPOSITION: Authority is an important foundation for our faith.
KEY WORD: Sources

  1. Jesus was challenged in his “source” of authority.
  2. Many today challenge our sources of authority.
  3. Where does authority come from?

Sources of Authority:
  1. Coup - Usurped, taken by force, hostile take over
  2. Delegated - Some higher authority grants you some power
  3. Appointed - Requested to do a work, ambassador
  4. Legal - The law grants powers to people
    1. Police, judge, prosecutors
    2. Minister - right to perform weddings
    3. Grant of power - power of attorney
  5. Civil - Constitutional authority
    1. Elected - Senator, President, Mayor, etc.
    2. Citizens - vote, drive a car, travel
  6. Divine - unlimited, eternal, omnipotent
    1. Deity - Trinity - all power
    2. Bible - the Word of God

Types of Authority:
  1. Commands
    1. Direct commands
    2. Some commands are not binding - build ark, bring my cloak and parchments
  2. Example
    1. This is a good way to do it
    2. This is a bad way to do it
    3. Some examples are not binding - Lord's Supper in upper room
  3. Necessary Inference
    1. Every text has inferences
    2. Things left unsaid, but we can “read between the lines”
    3. Necessary = an absolute required conclusion
    4. Examples:
      1. Necessary - Man came out of building. Infers man entered the building.
      2. Not necessary - Boy threw baseball glove at his brother
        1. Could imply he was angry at his brother OR
        2. It could imply he was sharing his glove with his brother OR
        3. He could be returning a borrowed glove to his brother.
    5. Not necessary inference - Boy threw the ball. I = Boy was angry with his brother.
    6. Biblical example - Giving each Sunday (1 Corinthians 16:1-2)

  1. Jesus and the Bible are our sources of authority.
  2. Obey them.

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