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TITLE: Who Can Forgive Sins
TEXT: Mark 2:1-12
PROPOSITION: I must learn how to forgive.
  1. Story of the faith of 4 friends of a paralyzed man.
  2. Some were critical of Jesus offering forgiveness.
  3. Who can forgive sins but God alone?

Define - Forgive - forgive vs. forget
        Word means = send away, let go, release from debt, turn loose, not hold on to
Types of forgiveness

Total - complete = Only Deity can erase the guilt of sin
        Jeremiah 31:34 - Forgive AND forget
        Preacher, elders - cannot forgive sins, (priest and confessional)
        We pray for forgiveness from God - then inform the church of repentance

I can forgive when someone asks
        We MUST forgive - Luke 17:3-5
        Church, family, friends, non-Christians

I can forgive when they do not ask
        My choice is to confront or forgive (Matthew 18:15-17)
        Big issue - can't ignore it - Confront
        Little thing - don't make a fuss - let go

I can forgive when they will not ask
        Filled with resentment, anger, denial
        They feel they have done nothing wrong
        Reason for taking others with you (Matthew 18:15-17)

I can forgive myself
        Psalm 51:1-15 - my sin is ever before me
        Most difficult - let go, learn from

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