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TITLE: Who is the child?
TEXT: Mark 10:13-16
PROPOSITION: We must learn to accept and become children.
KEY WORD: Reactions
  1. Children were coming or being brought to Jesus.
  2. The apostles sent them away. (Rebuked them.)
  3. Notice three things about Jesus in this text.

How Jesus reacted (13-14)
  1. He was displeased - indignant, emphasis “much displeased”
  2. He rebuked the apostles for rebuking the parents.

What Jesus taught (14-15)
  1. Allow them to come
  2. Do not forbid them (hinder them)
  3. Kingdom = little children
  4. Greek word (paidion) refers to a half-grown boy or girl;
  5. figuratively, an immature Christian, still growing
  6. Of such is the kingdom of heaven (church)
  7. Not receive kingdom as a chld - not enter kingdom
  8. If you can't accept me (faults and all) then you cannot enter the kingdom

What Jesus did (16)
  1. Took them in his arms
  2. Put his hands on them
  3. Blessed them
  4. These terms imply (each one) not in mass as a group

We get this confused
When adults act like children
  1. Argue, push, shove, yell, throw things
  2. “If I can't pitch, I'll take my ball and go home.”
  3. 1 Corinthians 14:20 - Do not be children
  4. 1 Corinthians 13:11 - When I was a child, I spoke like a child

When children are urged to act like adults
  1. Fast paced world - many toys (Barbie, for example) encourage adult play
  2. Want to drive, wear makeup, stay out late, etc. before they are ready
  3. Maturing takes time - don't rush your child through any stage of life

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