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TITLE: Who is this man?
TEXT: Mark 6:1-3
PROPOSITION: Jesus is different than all other men.
KEY WORD: Questions

  1. As more attention was drawn, questions began to arise.
  2. Here is what the people were asking among themselves.

Where did he get this (teaching) from?
  1. From heaven or men? (Matthew 21:25)
  2. New ideas, new message - Where does this come from?
  3. John 7:15-16 - How does he know? Doctrine not mine, His who sent me

How did he get so smart (wisdom)?
  1. He has the fullness of the godhead in his body. (Colossians 2:9)
  2. His wisdom comes from being God.
  3. Matthew 7:28-29 - taught as one having authority, not as scribes

How did he get so powerful (able to do miracles)?
  1. Same answer. He is God. He has all power.
  2. He is Lord (ruler) of all things and people.
  3. John 3:34 - Jesus has the Spirit beyond measure

Isn't he the carpenter's son? Aren't these his brothers?
  1. No. He is the Son of God.
  2. These brothers are half-brothers.
  3. Implied - He is just human like the rest of us!

They were offended (scandalized) by him.
Robertson's Word Pictures - Literally, "They stumbled at him,"
"They were repelled by him" (Moffatt), "They turned against him" (Weymouth).

Trapped like game by the “offense” because they could not explain him, having been so recently one of them. "The Nazarenes found their stumbling block in the person or circumstances of Jesus. He became (rock of offense) (1Peter 2:7-8; Romans 9:33) to those who disbelieved" (Swete).
They stumble at Jesus today as the townspeople of Nazareth did.
If you are questioning - seek the Biblical answers.
If you are offended - learn why Jesus would offend you.

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